Creator Picks: 💘 Valentine’s Day 💘

The people we love deserve something special… Don’t get us wrong, boxes of chocolates and bouquets of red roses are great, but it’s far more exciting to unwrap an original design! Since Valentine’s Day has us feeling warm-and-fuzzy, we decided to round up a few creations that could be perfect for your special someone— anytime! Here are a few of our favorite ceramics, florals, and fun finds from creators we love:

Sara Banner

Stella Maria Baer: Quotable Creator of the Week

Stella Maria Baer

Creator in Denver, CO, United States

” For the past few years my work has been inspired by a sense of feeling at home in a place that looks like another world.”

“In painting moons and planets, I bleed out my memory of growing up in the desert.”

” I love working with the paint pigments I make myself from desert sands. 

San Franciscans in their Element: Peddling Flowers and Spotting Designs

While most San Franciscans recognize the vintage van, design hunter Leslie Santarina was one of the first to spot The Petaler’s brick and mortar space. Now Rebekah Northway’s private studio opens its doors once a week for the “Friday Flowers” shop! 

There’s a new gem to visit nestled between San Francisco’s Castro and Duboce Triangle districts: a little lux floral design shop called The Petaler.

The Color Shaman: Chor Boogie’s Vibrant Mark on The Map

When the Color Shaman works, bright tones and mystic symbols leap from his can of spray paint. Characters like Intergalactic Cats and Corporate Zombies climb 20ft tall walls, leave trails of color, and gaze from their perches with huge soul-searching eyes. While you can refer to the artist in many ways—a Starchaeologist, Mr. Boogie, The Color Shaman, simply Joaquin—don’t just call his works “murals.” Visit one of these trippy, towering paintings and you’ll agree it’s a dose of visual medicine.

Finding a Full-Time Creative Niche: Lesley’s Lettering Arts

In less than a year, Lesley Johnson built a full-time career as a lettering artist in NYC. Lesley shows a niche passion can become your day-job but, to distinguish yourself as a lettering artist you need to do more than dot your “i’s,” you need a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

Interiors firms and independent businesses are looking for originality when it comes to their signage—and for good reason.

The Power of Perspective: Erik Otto Branches Out Beyond the Bay

Erik Otto is a known name on the West Coast. His versatility as a visual artist has earned him a reputation and waiting list for commissions around San Francisco. However, Otto isn’t one to rest on his laurels. He’s off to conquer New York and grow his collective: VESL.  Wescover is excited to share his insights on starting over, shifting perspective, and building a collaborative bi-coastal brand.

Architect Zombies, Urban Acupuncturists, and Green Scars

Meet Artist Alexis Laurent in The Pearl

Alexis Laurent is an artist, designer, sculptor, native Frenchman and transplant San Franciscan. We love his perspective on each piece—and how he shares it with an assertive eloquence that’s very French. We met up with him at a space in SF full of his creations: The Pearl.


The word “Pearl” conjures pure, opalescent textures in our minds, however, when I arrive at The Pearl in San Francisco I realize this isn’t why it was given the illustrious name.…